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    First Hallmarking software with multiple platfom compatibility
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New Version

Syllogic Solutions is proud to announce the latest version of our popular Gold Hallmarking Software. This hallmarking software reduces the operating costs to a great extent and thus minimises the total time taken to complete the Hallmarking process.

Easy to Use

Our new version of Hallmarking Software is fully responsive and also supports online transactions. So you check and update the status of your process on the go.The software is recommended by Hallmarking consultants for its out-standing features.


Online Support- Live support over internet for critical situations. Telephone Support - Our tech specialists will assist over phone. On-site Support - Clients can request our technical adviser to be present on site.


Our Hallmarking Software V2.0 is compatible to all devices like PC, Mobile, Tablet etc., Our product is fully responsive so that you can access through any device and all the actions will be done using any device. So you can check and update the status of your work on the go. Don't work hard, Work Smart.

We have a committed team of professionals with relevant skill sets who can deliver better solutions within the deadline of any project. Having encountered vast development projects across different platforms.

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Syllogic’s offers Software Application Maintenance services with low cost, consistent control and premium quality. Organization are in need of maintenance services that can free them up to focus on their core business.

  •  Document the complete Gold Hallmarking process.
  •  Complies with B.I.S Gold Hallmarking standards.
  •  Generate Reports as required by BIS - Bimonthly Reports.
  •  Hallmarking Process Time Tracking.
  •  Invoice creation and printing - Sample and Piece based.

we possess great understanding of the current market trends and technology challenges. We enable our customers with comprehensive future-proof mobile application solutions and services that best fit their business needs.


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Analyze the complete product you chosen.


Implement our product, Simplify your business.

Our Clients

We have more than 40 clients who simplified thier business.